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Integrated Justice and Court Systems
Integrated Justice Information Systems (IJIS) are the complex digital networks of judicial systems that include data warehouses, service-oriented architecture (SOA) and consolidated information systems used in sharing and evaluating information used in the justice system. The depth and breadth of legal and technical knowledge required to successfully architect and enforce an IJIS renders it as an area of information technology necessitating a rare blend of industry experience and analytical prowess.
Homeland Security, Public Safety & Law Enforcement
Our expertise in the technologies which aid Law Enforcement, Fire & EMS, Border Patrol & Terrorism include body worn cameras and vehicle video cameras, evidence management solutions, license-plate recognition solutions, declassified software solutions which help agencies control and understand extreme amount of international-state-local data, of all different types and formats, that are used during investigations and as evidence in prosecuting court cases.In lean economic years, security budgets are the last to feel the shears of government cutbacks. Keeping the citizens and intellectual property of the United States safe are often inextricable goals, and we have a history of representing companies that do both. From municipal law enforcement contracting to statewide agency implementation, we have firmly established our commitment to placing technologies and services that keep our nation’s state and local governments operating at the vanguard of defense.
Biometric Identification Solutions
Our team has accrued years of experience placing the most advanced fingerprint-, hand, vein, iris- and retina-identification in technologies on the market. The application of biometric tools is as vital as their hardware and software quality. Emerging biometric technologies are becoming more synergistic in creating a more secure way of life in the digital age, and we’ve become a driving force in implementing biometric solutions that help shape that reality. Since the development of the Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS) in 1980, biometric identification systems including facial, hand, retina, vein, motion-identification access and other areas have proven to be invaluable in security and identification.
IT Project Management
Software development and support has become increasingly critical in the administration of government infrastructure. Over the years, we’ve helped to place Java developers, software architects and network security specialists into critical roles that help to keep the digital cogs of government cyberspace smoothly turning. Our IT project management experience has covered a variety of platforms and has focused as much on team and leadership development as minimizing risk, error, and data entropy.

Transportation, Tolling & Infrastructure
Our firm has enjoyed a vast amount of success in the expansion of tolling in Texas by acquiring Raytheon Company Highway Transportation Management Services $300M Open-Tolling Contract with TXDOT.  State commerce is inevitably linked to infrastructure; interstate highways, toll roads and railways are a perennially fruitful source of government investment. Our company experience includes negotiations with the Regional Mobility Authorities (RMA), the Texas Department of Transportation (TXDOT), Texas House Committee on Transportation (TXHCT) and with large Metropolitan-Cities Traffic & Planning Departments.  As an active member of Team TX- the Transportation and Expressway Authority of Texas- we keep connected to the latest developments in government infrastructure initiatives and opportunities.