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Business to Government: B2G and You

  • B2G ventures necessitate comprehensive knowledge of current policies, government structures, market competitors and standing relationships with the key decision-makers of the political sphere. Government State & Local Partners corporate foundation is rooted in this belief, and we provide our full-spectrum expertise in government procurement to you in the following ways for optimum benefits
  • Innovation has been the hallmark of the American economy since the lightning rod made its debut atop colonial homes in the 18th century. Leveraging the fiscal weight of the government behind technological advances in the private sector has accelerated the success of industry and bolstered the well-being of citizens nationwide. A government contract is not just a source of business from a reputable client; it’s a cooperative investment in the future strength of the global economy.

Government Sales, Procurement & Contract Negotiation

Our capabilities include expertise in the areas of  Government, including State, Local, and Education (SLED) market and in Public-Private partnerships.  Finding exactly the right opportunities for your company to shine in the public sector is what we do best. And when we’ve found the contracts that suit your company’s capabilities, we’ll make sure the details work toward your organization’s continued success.

Our government consulting services have helped companies of all sizes effectively navigate the various jurisdictions of government sales and procurement.  The firm’s unique understanding of state-county-municipal-education and quasi-government has resulted in success for clients of all sizes and types.  Our services help companies Identify, Vet and Capture government contracts.  Finding exactly the right opportunities for your company to shine in the public sector is what we do best. And when we’ve found the contracts that suit your company’s capabilities, we’ll make sure the details work toward your organization’s continued success.

Entering the arena of government sales, business development, legislative procurement and contracts can be a challenging undertaking for even the most experienced business. GSLP’s 35+ years of government and private sector experience are here to guide you every step of the way in securing the technology contracts that will keep your company on the map. From finding the bids that matter to establishing contact with key decision makers in business and government, our dedicated team at GSLP provides the measured insight that will give your company the competitive edge it needs in ensuring successful business-to-government (B2G) ventures.

Government Legislative Affairs & Relations

Our experienced team possess a wealth of knowledge, experience, and judgement gained from years of advocacy in the public sector.  Our team of government affairs consultants include individuals who served as agency chiefs, political operatives, legislative staffers and policy experts that have longstanding and key relationships with public officials, legislators, and regulators.

Viable working relationships with the decision makers of government agencies are the glue of any B2G undertaking. Helping government officials represent the interests of their constituents through the unique capabilities of your company goes beyond good business practice- it’s a joint venture between partners in the business of public benefit and private enterprise.

B2G Sales & Training

Our firm offers clients B2G Sales Consultancy but it also offers Public Sector Sales Training which leverages the consulting team’s extensive experience and success in selling to government.  Our customized approach offers specific objectives based on a company’s products and services, needs, and level of expertise.   Such content is always up-to-date by incorporating the latest trends with input from public officials, procurement experts, key consultants, government decision-makers, and successful government contracts and partners.

Market Research and Ventures Consulting

The firm’s seasoned researchers are known for their skills in finding and vetting upcoming opportunities for clients long before public announcements are made.  This allows sales teams time to get positions before solicitation documents are released.  Representing your interests requires in-depth industry knowledge and up-to-the-minute awareness of current needs and purchasing trends. We’re always in touch with the government pulse and technology trends to best advise you and protect your interests in the public sector.


Our associates provide a diverse wealth of experiences from roles in business leadership, government agencies, the legal arena, legislative affairs, non-profit ventures, and collaboration with state and local government officials throughout the United States. Our team’s ability to handle any aspect of the development of your company’s presence in the public sector translates to actionable goals and visible results, and has been instrumental in securing state and local government contracts for both multi-billion dollar international conglomerates and startup Texas Historically Underutilized Businesses (HUBs). Our company history is a testament to the high esteem in which we hold our clients, and a tribute to integrity as the cornerstone of our business model.