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Government State & Local Partners is a full-service government sales, business development, legislative procurement, legislative issues and public-private ventures consulting firm headquartered in Austin, TX. With a proven history of facilitating the effective implementation of today’s most innovative and impactful technologies in the public sector, our commitment to your success is woven into the fabric of our company’s identity. Whether you’re new to the industry or have an established presence at the state and local levels, our team of experienced professionals provides the sales (SLED) and business development expertise, political-legislative expertise and business savvy that will ensure your company’s lasting success in public-sector opportunities and ventures. With a client list that includes Fortune 100 & 500 conglomerates such as 3M-Cogent, Raytheon, SAP BusinesObjects, Citrix, MediaRiders, UnitedHealth Group, VelocityVue and more, you can feel confident that our firm executes deals of any scale with uncompromising dedication to quality and detail.

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